Friction Fixed Implant Bridges in Fresno, CA

We have some exciting news for you!!!

It’s here! The first of its kind! The new revolutionary procedure

The Friction Fixed Implant Bridge!!

Introducing Friction Fixed Implant Bridge

This new procedure is the perfect transition for those that are wanting to upgrade to a prosthesis that is NOT removable for the patient! For many years, we have offered the snap on denture and the permanent implant bridge. This new Friction Fixed Implant Bridge is the perfect happy medium of them both. This procedure can be done with as few as 4 implants and best of all, it will save you thousands of dollars compared to the traditional permanent implant bridge.

We are able to offer this procedure to our patients that already have an existing snap on denture starting at $5500 per arch.

The Friction Fixed Implant bridge is a revolutionary FIXED full-arch treatment that uses the locator attachment system. It’s all in the inserts and housings! The friction fixed used rigid inserts and a special gold housing. You just need a minimum of four implants to begin your Friction Fixed journey!

After Dr. Whitlow has reviewed your radiographs and determined that you are a good candidate for this new procedure, you can get started right away!

Call us at (559) 441-7700 now to begin your Friction Fixed journey!

Don’t wait! Spots are filling up fast!!

Benefits of Friction Fixed

Friction Fixed is the affordable answer to restoring your self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall quality of life. This revolutionary new system offers the life you had with your permanent teeth with a less invasive and less expensive solution. It’s a great option for patients who do not want dentures but are looking for a cost-saving alternative to traditional screw retained solutions.

Other benefits include:

  • Allows you to eat when you want, not just when you can.
  • Requires less time in the patient chair as no screws or cement are needed for installation, and often need fewer if any pre-appointments.
  • Due to the shorter prosthetic space needed, there is less need for bone reduction compared to other solutions.


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